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Historiography of Renaissance and Early Modern Scholarship: An International Roundtable on Anthony Grafton’s ‘Contribution’

June 17, 2015: Paris

Paris Institute of Advanced Study celebrated Anthony Grafton’s 65th birthday for his outstanding work on the history of scholarship, especially of the classical tradition in European intellectual history since the Renaissance, including the history of the evolution of scholarly practices, techniques and attitudes, and the links between humanist learning and the development of modern science. Participants were willing to acknowledge Anthony Grafton’s contribution to the discipline through out their own research. The meeting aimed to mix both personal affection and scholarly respect towards Anthony Grafton’s contribution to the study of history and

Participants :
Sean Roberts (Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar / Robert Lehman Fellow, Villa I Tatti ; Secretary, Italian Art Society) : “Berlinghieri’s Cosmos”.
Brian Sandberg (Northern Illinois University et fellow at the Paris IAS) : “Intellectual Communities in Conflict: Jean Bodin, Historical Criticism, and Political Culture in Anthony Grafton’s Ars historica”
Lucio Biasiori (Jean-François Malle Fellow, Villa I Tatti; Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa): “Anthony Grafton’s Contribution to the History of Reading”
Dmitri Levitin (Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge): “What happened to Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity after Scaliger and Casaubon?”
Richard Serjeantson (Lecturer in History, Trinity College, Cambridge): “Teaching and Learning the ‘New Philosophy’ in seventeenth-century England: the road to Isaac Newton”
Lia Markey (Hanna Kiel Fellow, Villa I Tatti): “New Worlds, Ancient Texts and How to Represent the Unseen in Early Modern Italy.”
Sophie Smith (Research Fellow, Christ Church, University of Oxford): “Studied for action? Reading Aristotle’s Politics in late sixteenth century England”

Conference for the 500th anniversary of Conrad Gessner’s birth

June 6-9, 2016: Zurich

Tony Grafton received a large Festschrift, prepared by his colleagues and friends. The link to the publisher’s website: http://www.brill.com/products/reference-work/sake-learning-2-vols


Pictures: Copyright Urs B. Leu, Zurich

Reception at RSA Toronto, March 18, 2019: Picture Folder

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